2011 MTE Tuning in Malaysia!

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Photo from last year tuning session
(credit to PeNyU)

Hi ! All ,

Wyn Car Care is proud and honor to organize the MTE Custom Tuning session in Malaysia , which is MTE tuner(Marco) will be on site .

Forecast time will be held in Mid February 2011(after Chinese New Year) . Venue in Klang Valley .

Those who are staying or base in southern Malaysia(Johor) , we will arrange you to join with Singapore group for the Custom Tune session with Wyn Car Care will appoint a assistant to help up during that .

For this time , we are mainly doing Custom Tune during this period , because MTE tuner only stay a very short time in S.E.A(Malaysia & Singapore) before he continue his journey to around the world for his schedule .

For those are interested on MTE Custom Tune , do state your name/nickname , car model , e-mail , contact no. to below , we will contact you for the arrangement & getting some details(hardware/performance parts had change or upgrade , or adding some performance parts) from you .

To those who are fresh about MTEs Tuning , descriptions as below :

MTE Base Tune(RM4100)

Base Tune are essentially off the shelf maps for specific models. This is applicable when there is negligible hardware changes (e.g. Changed air filter to BMC or open pod) and the car is otherwise essentially stock.

There are 2 key things about MTE base tunes.

1) MTE base maps, though off the shelf are “tropicalized”, meaning local climate is taken into consideration. You all know how much heat our engines generate under our hood in the local climate, therefore some considerations have to be made when mapping for drivability & longetivity.
2) Value retention. One only pays the hourly rate for custom tune when one goes from MTE base tune to MTE custom tune vs Base + hourly when switching from Non MTE to MTE custom.

You can also take a look at MTE(http://www.mte.se) website or IPDusa(http://www.ipdusa.com) for relevant information.

You can purchase MTE Base Tune from Wyn Car Care(MTE dealer in Malaysia) anytime even the tuner is not on site . An exception to Volvo cars made before year 2000 or X40 series , we only can provide MTE Base Tune when the tuner is on site .

For the win win situation , we do recommend the customer to purchase the Base Tune/Custom Tune before the tuner is here , because time take into count once the tuner sit into your car to doing his job .

MTE Custom Tune(Charge by hourly basis : RM720 per hour)

Custom Tune takes into consideration of all your hardware upgrades and integrate them so that their potential is optimized and your return on hardware investment maximized.

Bros who are keen to get their rides custom tuned please get your rides/ hardware ready. It is advisable to do up your ride at least a week or 2 before the tuning session so that you get to drive it around and have time to find and sort out any outstanding issues.

As a fresh custom tune is charged on Base Tune(RM4100) + Hourly(RM720), This means that those who are previously MTE Tuned (regardless of MTE Base or MTE Customized) will only be charged the hourly. As such, the clock is ticking when the tuner is working on your ride, so make sure you have sorted out all hardware issues before tuning.

The tuner normally will take 2-4 hours for the Custom Tune . For example : The tuner takes 2 hours to tune a fresh Custom Tune car =Base Tune RM4100 + 2 hours(1 hour = RM720)RM1440 = RM5540 .

As a dealer for MTE Engineering AB in Malaysia , Wyn Car Care do provides car servicing and maintenance , upgrading and modification , sourcing performance parts for Volvo car . Do visit or call Wyn Car Care for more details :

Wyn Car Care
No. 7 , Jln USJ 7/3D ,
UEP Subang Jaya ,
47610 Subang Jaya ,
Malaysia .
Tel : +603 - 5634 1002
Fax : +603 - 5634 1002
E-mail : wyncarcare@yahoo.com

Sachs Nivomat Self-leveling Dampening System



What is Nivomat Self-levelling anyway?

Nivomat counters the negative effects of loads, including towing a trailer, by helping maintain the vehicle’s optimal ride hight. The system replaces conventional shock absorbers on the rear axle, taking the energy derived from the relative movement between the wheels and vehicle body to energize the system, which maintains level position. Since Nivomat maintains ride height for every load, it prevents the vehicle’s center of gravity from shifting, which helps keep the vehicle balanced and safe in all conditions.
"Constant heavy or changing loads, along with the unique dynamics of towing a trailer, place great demands on the vehicle and the driver," says Dr. Stefan Sommer, Senior Vice President of the Suspension Components strategic business unit of ZF Sachs AG. “Nivomat ensures consistent performance and a more balanced driving feel, regardless of the load or driving conditions."

Another good article :

OH my Kimie :)

Look what is he up to :P

Cannot get more serious than this! hehe

Few Updates on my Tipai

Rear OEM Springs for SACHS Nivomat Shocks
Bought for RM100/pair

Latest ride height


Lesson learnt

Rear wiper arm from V70 XC

my brick shop hehe

!6" Perfo wheels. Washed before entering my store

HPC Event on Oct 31st

It was a great yet tiring day
I'm not taking part of it
just enjoying the view, smell it and taking photos

Surprisingly, my ex-coursemate in UTM granted me for a spin in his Limited Edition Subaru WRX STI S204
"I bring my video cam", I said
"ok you're in!", he replied... haha

Video... Love the noise, not a typical turbo sound


For Sale - 4 x Falken Ziex 522 205/50 16 (SOLD)

These tyres are made on 2008
need to sell it off rather than it will harden naturally

Front tyres are about 40% thread left
Rear tyres about 80% thread left

Expecting price is RM500
Thanks for looking ;)

Front tyres

Photography - My Kids Photo

Playing with Lightroom 2.5
installed with free preset
and here is the result
quite nice tho

Nokia E66 Tips and Trick

source : http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/804188

How to check your E66 firmware version
In the home screen, key in *#0000#

How to check your E66 IMEI number
In the home screen, key in *#06#

How to soft reset your phone
In the home screen, key in *#7370#
Default password should be 12345, and the phone shall restart. Please remember to backup all your important datas, contacts and files before doing this. This will reset all settings to default, but supposedly no applications will be deleted.

How to hard reset your phone
In the home screen, key in *#7870#
Hard-reset is like formatting a drive! It does format the memory. Everything that has been installed after the first use of the phone is deleted! It will recover the memory of the phone to the state you purchased it!

How to check your Bluetooth device address
In the home screen, key in *#2820#

How to check your WLAN Mac address
In the home screen, key in *#62209526#

How to check the life timer of your phone
In the home screen, key in *#92702689#. Display the life timer information of your phone, i.e. the total time of phone call (in minutes). The only way to reset this timer is by flashing the phone. This is useful while purchasing new phones to see if the phone has been used before.

How to close programs which hung up or unable to terminate by itself
In the home screen, press and hold Home button. A list of running apps will appear on top left side of screen. To end application, just press Back button.

How to mark more than 1 item conveniently
Browse to the files which you want to mark, and press # key to mark the files. Note that this will not work in File Manager.

How to Silent your phone
To set calendar and clock alarms to snooze or to silence incoming calls, just turn the device face down.
You can also silence the phone by tapping it twice quickly. To turn on silence by tapping, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Tones > Tap to silence > On.

How to unlock your phone when slider is closed

To unlock keypad without opening the slide, press the left and then the right selection key.

How to check GPS satellite status on your phone
To check how many satellites your device has found, and whether your device is receiving satellite signals, select Menu > GPS > GPS data > Position > Options > Satellite status.

How to set Remote Lock option (useful if your phone is stolen)
If your phone is stolen or gets lost, you can lock it (and the memory card) remotely by sending a lock code via SMS. To enable remote locking and to define the text for the message, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and SIM card > Allow remote lock > Yes. Enter the remote lock message and confirm the message. The message must be at least 5 characters long.

How to Password Protect your files using built-in Zip Manager
Most currect S60 phones ship with a built in zip manager that allows us to open .zip attachments received from emails etc. In can however also be used to create a password protected archieve. Please visit the link below for the method description:
Password protect your file with Zip Manager

How to Add Operator Logo
Use a filemanager like FExplorer or SeleQ to add the folders: "c:/system/Apps/phone/oplogo". Add a .bmp picture to folder "oplogo" and restart your phone! The .bmp picture size needs to be: 97 x 25 pixels

How to Backup and Restore Messages
1) Connect your handset to PC in the “Data transfer” (Mass storage) mode
2) Go to the Private folder on your memory card
3) Open the folders in sequential manner
4) Look for 1000484b (PARENT) folder or like that under which you will find Mail (Child) or mail2 folder, you are looking for.
5) Copy that (PARENT) folder to your PC
6) After you format you memory card using handset, copy back the same folder PARENT from pc again under Private folder on memory card using mass storage mode.
7) Voilla!!! You have got all your messages as it is.

my Old and Current Phones

Current - Nokia E66


5800 XpressMusic

Sony Ericsson K550i






T10 SMD 5-LED Bulb - all SOLD

Selling a pair of T10 SMD 5-LED bulb for RM20 with free postage
Discount for the next pair

hurry! stock is limited

These are some info on LEDs

* LED light bulbs provide dramatic energy improvements compared to your stock filament bulb.
* LED bulbs consume less than 20% power of filament bulbs and they are very energy efficient.
* LED bulbs does not become hot fast like filament lamps.
* LED bulbs also have a faster response time compared to filament bulbs.
* LED bulbs also have a long life expectancy of 20,000 hours onwards.


* These low profile LED bulbs provide excellent brightness for your various needs.
* Brighter than conventional multi LED bulbs.
* Excellent forward viewing angle of 120? compared to normal multi LED bulbs (~90?)
* Most suitable for Front Pole Lights, License Plate Lights, Speedometer Lights, Side Turn Indicator, 3rd Brake Light and any other applications using T10 Wedge.

LED vs conventional bulb

Individually wrapped

Fitted on my Tipai

and also on my Wira
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