Volvo Dah Kena Jual...


No komen...
tapi walau sapa pon pemilik Volvo
Harap ia akan jaga reputasi Volvo seperti yang sedia ada

Volvo for life...


BEIJING, March 30 — Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, China’s biggest private car maker, said today it will not produce Volvo brand cars, nor will Volvo make Geely brand cars, following Geely’s planned purchase of Volvo from Ford.

“Volvo comes from Northern Europe and is rooted in Sweden. Volvo will not be Volvo any more if taken out of the soil,” Geely chairman Li Shufu said, after returning from Sweden where his company agreed to pay US$1.8 billion (RM6.1 billion) for Volvo.

“The relations between Geely and Volvo in the future will be like brothers, not father and son,” he said.

Geely, which means auspicious or lucky in Chinese, is counting heavily on its home China market to revive the money-losing Volvo brand, with plans to double the Swedish company’s production by building a major new plant in China.

Owning a global brand like Volvo will also give Geely a chance to build up its profile in China, where it is known more for small, inexpensive cars, and to catch up with bigger state-owned rivals that have partnered with the likes of GM and Volkswagen. — Reuters

Saturday Night Sprint @ Pasir Gudang, Johor - Conti Night (pt 2)

few photos added...

Kitchen Cabinet

At last... after 2 years living in this house

My future kitchen will be something like this
Colour has not been finalised yet, but I'm thinking to have black - white combination

Later contractor will came to my house and do his measurement

Saturday Night Sprint @ Pasir Gudang, Johor - Conti Night

Heading to JB
Found this ketam-walking lorry

Hummer H3 is actually 855 with ridiculously big wheel haha

Yeahh... I am pretty sure I'm in JB now hehe

I can see FA JB got makan2
How come I'm not invited?

Meeting point with Singapore fellas

Awesome S60

Naughty Volvo are coming!

Sleek Audis still makan2

OMG, this is too awesome!

Blackened A4 2.0T B8... Im lovin it

Citroen C1

Sufian with his buddy

Federal Autos demo cars

True, they are naughty

850 T5 with 18" Pegasus R wheels...

Beat thiss... SLK350

Click here : Part 2

Pegasus R???

pocong gti sent this photo to me this morning
he intentionally make my peaceful day become 'chaotic' haha

cannot reveal the location btw! :P

updated :
March 25, 2.35pm
wheel set sold! TQ (not to me lah)


Property Wanted

Found this in my mail box

My neighbour just sold his property at 280K... walauwehhhhh
His bought at about 190K++... if not mistaken
and his house is 20 x 75 but mine is 20 x 90! (can go higher la kutt)
wow... money money moneyyy!!... heheh

but I'm not gonna sell it yet lah ;)
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