Photography - Rumah Mak & Ayah

Tipai Update

as posted earlier
now with photo :)

B5234T Original Reverse Inter-cooler Piping
in the process of removing black paint

SARD Racing boost meter in PSI scale
PSI to bar conversion can be done here (or vice versa)

Hayden Rapid Cool Trans-Cooler model 677

DIY - Tail light Broken... Repaired

See... no more gap hehe

Glued with extra 'protection' at place... hehe

Volvo R

This beast can boost like no tomorrow

Ekzos ku Tersumbat

Found this in my exhaust pipe
Who did this? sabotaged?


Joe's Ride

Own by my friend, Joe
He is a good friend of me since I live in JB
Now, we both are here in Selangor
Staying in Rawang

Joe's named it as JDXbox
Standard cockpit with standard Recaro and Momo

Retain the same turbo timer since the last owner ;)
previous owner was my housemate in JB lar ... hehe

Changed to carbon knob

Top Gear styleee haha!

Federal 595 Evo

HDRed? not...

Changed to Sparco deep dish steering wheel during photo shoot


DIY - Tail light Broken

Left side... note the gap?

Right side... no gap

Broken part... 1

Broken part... 2

Repairing in progress

Still in progress
will continue gluing today hehe
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