Oil Filter Housing Gasket

Noticed fresh engine oil just below intake manifold near the oil filter
After do some readings, I have found out this is because of worn gasket

So, I have started to read on how to do the replacement and it was fairly easy

Oily area on yellow circle, picture from Google

Remove airbox
Remove power steering reservoir tank and alternator to get into the oil filter housing

Remove the worn gasket

Comparison, new and old gasket... and the price

China-made Head unit for BMW E46

Nothing much to say
It is straight forward installation and made specifically for BMW E46

The best part is, it has everything ready
- iPod
- Reverse rear view camera
- TV
- etc etc

 I watched YouTube on how to do this ;)
 Testing... testing... It works!

Ok done. Air-cond controller need to be relocated as well 

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Got smell of burnt engine oil when car is idling
We can also see oil leakage near exhaust manifold area
This is normal because M54 engine is design tilted

Valve Cover gasket set with optional cap nut washer

Valve cover removed

Too dirty, have clean it first 

Chemical cleaning

Traditional Cleaning

Finished!... and it was raining and I forgot to close engine hood

DISA Valve Rebuilt

I have read there are cases DISA valve failure and its component entering combustion chamber
Managed to rebuilt using improved material yet proven can avoid this issue

DISA Valve rebuilt kit

All mechanism are made from steel and aluminium

Original part is using plastics 

O ring also supplied in the package

Blackened Wheels

So I have decided to go for matte black
I am using rubber paint as it is peel-able and easy to do touch-up
I don't even have to remove the wheels and tyre (see picture)

I bought all the spray can from Mr DIY outlet
It's the cheapest I can get as other brand sold at about RM50++, this one is RM19.90!

All the process done at about 2 hours.. great feeling! hehe

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