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Photo from last year tuning session
(credit to PeNyU)

Hi ! All ,

Wyn Car Care is proud and honor to organize the MTE Custom Tuning session in Malaysia , which is MTE tuner(Marco) will be on site .

Forecast time will be held in Mid February 2011(after Chinese New Year) . Venue in Klang Valley .

Those who are staying or base in southern Malaysia(Johor) , we will arrange you to join with Singapore group for the Custom Tune session with Wyn Car Care will appoint a assistant to help up during that .

For this time , we are mainly doing Custom Tune during this period , because MTE tuner only stay a very short time in S.E.A(Malaysia & Singapore) before he continue his journey to around the world for his schedule .

For those are interested on MTE Custom Tune , do state your name/nickname , car model , e-mail , contact no. to below , we will contact you for the arrangement & getting some details(hardware/performance parts had change or upgrade , or adding some performance parts) from you .

To those who are fresh about MTEs Tuning , descriptions as below :

MTE Base Tune(RM4100)

Base Tune are essentially off the shelf maps for specific models. This is applicable when there is negligible hardware changes (e.g. Changed air filter to BMC or open pod) and the car is otherwise essentially stock.

There are 2 key things about MTE base tunes.

1) MTE base maps, though off the shelf are “tropicalized”, meaning local climate is taken into consideration. You all know how much heat our engines generate under our hood in the local climate, therefore some considerations have to be made when mapping for drivability & longetivity.
2) Value retention. One only pays the hourly rate for custom tune when one goes from MTE base tune to MTE custom tune vs Base + hourly when switching from Non MTE to MTE custom.

You can also take a look at MTE( website or IPDusa( for relevant information.

You can purchase MTE Base Tune from Wyn Car Care(MTE dealer in Malaysia) anytime even the tuner is not on site . An exception to Volvo cars made before year 2000 or X40 series , we only can provide MTE Base Tune when the tuner is on site .

For the win win situation , we do recommend the customer to purchase the Base Tune/Custom Tune before the tuner is here , because time take into count once the tuner sit into your car to doing his job .

MTE Custom Tune(Charge by hourly basis : RM720 per hour)

Custom Tune takes into consideration of all your hardware upgrades and integrate them so that their potential is optimized and your return on hardware investment maximized.

Bros who are keen to get their rides custom tuned please get your rides/ hardware ready. It is advisable to do up your ride at least a week or 2 before the tuning session so that you get to drive it around and have time to find and sort out any outstanding issues.

As a fresh custom tune is charged on Base Tune(RM4100) + Hourly(RM720), This means that those who are previously MTE Tuned (regardless of MTE Base or MTE Customized) will only be charged the hourly. As such, the clock is ticking when the tuner is working on your ride, so make sure you have sorted out all hardware issues before tuning.

The tuner normally will take 2-4 hours for the Custom Tune . For example : The tuner takes 2 hours to tune a fresh Custom Tune car =Base Tune RM4100 + 2 hours(1 hour = RM720)RM1440 = RM5540 .

As a dealer for MTE Engineering AB in Malaysia , Wyn Car Care do provides car servicing and maintenance , upgrading and modification , sourcing performance parts for Volvo car . Do visit or call Wyn Car Care for more details :

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