Selling a pair of T10 SMD 5-LED bulb for RM20 with free postage
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These are some info on LEDs

* LED light bulbs provide dramatic energy improvements compared to your stock filament bulb.
* LED bulbs consume less than 20% power of filament bulbs and they are very energy efficient.
* LED bulbs does not become hot fast like filament lamps.
* LED bulbs also have a faster response time compared to filament bulbs.
* LED bulbs also have a long life expectancy of 20,000 hours onwards.


* These low profile LED bulbs provide excellent brightness for your various needs.
* Brighter than conventional multi LED bulbs.
* Excellent forward viewing angle of 120? compared to normal multi LED bulbs (~90?)
* Most suitable for Front Pole Lights, License Plate Lights, Speedometer Lights, Side Turn Indicator, 3rd Brake Light and any other applications using T10 Wedge.

LED vs conventional bulb

Individually wrapped

Fitted on my Tipai

and also on my Wira