DIY: Painting your exterior trim (without removing)

DIY: Paint Your Interior Trim

DIY: Replacing Door Hinge/Door Brake

DIY: Painted Kidney Grille

DIY : Secondary Air Pump & Valve

DIY: Stay Genuine And Enjoy Shorter Shifts

DIY: CDV Delete

DIY: Change fuel injectors on a E46 325

DIY: Oil Change

DIY: Factory Alarm Kit


DIY: 12V Auxiliary Power / Secondary Cig. Lighter Under $10!!

DIY: Grilles, Windshield Wiper Tank, Custom USB charger

DIY: Refinish/Restore Curb Rashed wheels

DIY: Sedan Rear Bumper Removal/Installation

DIY: CF Roof Install

DIY: Fender Rolling

DIY: Complete M3 OEM Mirror Retrofit for the E46 Sedan

DIY: E46 M3 mirrors retrofit onto E46 sedans/wagons instructions

DIY: Convertible Top Interior Trim Flap Repair

DIY: Dash Removal / Replace

DIY: OEM illuminated gear knob installation

DIY: Cluster LCD replacement

DIY: Shift Style alcantara Shift Boot / Ebrake Boot install

DIY: CCV, DISA, ICV, Oil Separator

DIY: Brake Rotors and Pads

DIY: Oil Level Sensor

DIY: Front Control Arm Bushing (FCAB)

DIY: Front Control Arms

DIY: PowerFlex Rear Trailing Arm Bushing RTAB DIY

DIY: Replacing Rear Differential Bushings Mounts

DIY: 5 to 6 Speed Swap

DIY: neil1138's 5 Speed Swap - Great information on the parts and process of the swap

DIY: Power Steering Pump

DIY: UUC Under Drive Pulley Install

DIY: EMP Stewart Water Pump + Expansion Tank + Deflector Pullies + Coolant Flush

DIY: Differential Swap

DIY: 02 Simulator install

DIY: Installing Adjustable Lower Control Arms

DIY: Intake boot replacement

DIY:Angle Eye Install

DIY: Corner / Parking Light Delete

DIY: Corner / Parking Light Delete - without risking damage

DIY: Taking your headlight apart (excludes facelift coupes)

DIY: Headlight removal for facelifted coupe

DIY: Changing Xenon Bulbs on 04+ coupe

DIY: Changing Xenon Bulbs on all e46 models (except 04-06 coupes)

DIY: Installing LED interior lights

DIY: Parrot Bluetooth using Connects2

DIY: OEM Navigation Retrofit Guide

DIY: Build Your Own Paddle Shift Kit

DIY: Build Your Own Paddle Shift Kit - For an X5

DIY: BMW 16:9 Widescreen NAV Retrofit

DIY: Carputer

DIY: Inspection II walk through

DIY: Fuel Filter

DIY: Oil and Engine Service Light Reset for 99-00 e46 - OBD I

DIY: Post-Cat O2 Sensors + Pre-Cat O2 Sensors

DIY: Camshaft Sensor

DIY: ATF Flush

DIY: Coolant Flush

DIY: Belt Replacement

DIY: Blower fan

DIY: Rear Wheel Bearing on the Cheap

DIY: E46 Front Wheel Bearings

DIY: Manual Transmission Fluid Change

DIY: Oil Change

DIY: Made non-folding, OEM M3 mirrors auto fold

DIY: Sub installed in ski pass

DIY: How To Remove And Install Cams Without Any Special Tools

DIY: Remove need to remove fan. Red Battery light

DIY: Final Stage Resistor - Cabin Fan controller

DIY: ZKW-R lens into Bosch/AL Bi-xenon projector

DIY: Parrot Bluetooth using Connects2

DIY: DIY Flex Disc (Guibo)

DIY: Differential Swap