18 Feb 2010, friday
the day i will remember forever
my beloved ride been stolen at Presint 16, Putrajaya

not much I can say
"it is just more than a car to me"
i just cannot help my self from crying on the day she left me ... hehe

feel devastated
but still remember what my father said
every single event happen with a caused
no matter it is good or bad
everything had been determined by Allah
we have to accept it as fate
one of the 'rukun Iman' is believe the Qada' and Qadar
so, i hope this will
strengthen my Iman ;)

to the thief
what goes around will come around
you will NEVER escape from PUNISHMENT
the punishment is REAL!

information of my car

registration number : JDW3242
year made/register : 1996
chassis number : PL1C99SNRTB853404
engine number : 4G93P - DK8402
gearbox number : F5M222VRXE - BW1670P