This is BLITZ Twin SBC

* sadly, solenoid is missing :(

What is SBC
When a turbo charger has been replaced by a larger one, the result is more top end power. In order to make such a turbo charger operate, a high volume of exhaust pressure is needed. This means that exhaust pressure at low RPM does not create sufficient pressure to spin the turbine at operating speed. The time is takes the turbo to spool up is increased (turbo lag).

A smaller size turbo, however, has a small inertia weight and this makes it possible to have the turbine operate at lower exhaust pressure and creates quicker spool up and results in quicker response. However, top end power cannot be obtained because the turbocharger capacity is small. Twin SBC makes it possible to combine the characteristics of both turbos by way of having twin turbo charger concept. The twin SBC system uses SMAMM and HIGHT performance twin solenoid valve, and it controls the boost pressure in a wide range under fine adjustment. This is the finest high response CPU controlled boost pressure control system that works at every possible boost condition, from low boost pressure to high boost pressure after installing our twin SBC system, most tubo equipped vehicles will have the maximum potential by just setting a boost pressure.